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    Tank is cycling. Can I buy a Moorish Idol yet?
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    Spike levels during the cycle of a new start

    My next question in my 75 start up process is, what levels should I see my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate at when cycling my new setup? I know each will spike before the next, just curious on what to expect while water testing. Thanks again

    Set up date: April 2012 Display Size: 120 short Total Water In System: 145 Do you have a sump? YES
    Do you have a refugium? NO Amount of Liverock: 160 Depth of Sandbed: 1 inch oolitic Salinity level: 1.026
    ALK level: 8 hanna Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0
    What lighting are you using? What skimmer are you using? Calcium Reactor? Calcium level: 418
    Ati sp 6 bulb. 4 blue 1 coral+ and 1 Fiji purple Vertex alpha 170 No
    Fish and Inverts: 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 emerald crab, 15 hermits, 6 trochus snails, 2 percs, coral beauty, Copperband butterfly, sailfin tang,10+ nassarius, 3 tiger nassarius.melanarous wrasse, powder blue tang, Corals: 98% sps. Couple acans, a clam, and giant clownfish home frogspawn
    Other Equipment: hydor 1050, tunez osmolator ATo, spectra pure rodi 90 gpd. Phosban reactor, Neptune apex lab grade probes vortech mp40wx2 , mag 9 return , ghl 4 pump doser for cal and alk, tunze wavebox Other Information: 120 gallon 4 by 2 by 2 miracles tank. External overflow. 40 gallon breeder sump. Ati sunpower 6 bulb. 4 bp, 1 figi purple, 1 coral light. Vetex alpha 170 Carbon passive Mag9.5 return split to dual lockline

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    Re: Spike levels during the cycle of a new start

    Each system varies depending on total surface area vs. size of the water column. The important part is to wait until your ammonia and nitrate get back down to zero. Just remember, go slow, read lots, and keep asking questions if you can't find the results in the search function here.

    I don't have a tank yet

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