Just an announcement to let everyone know how this is going to work.

Just as it states - it's for HELPFUL ANSWERS --- and NOT for your personal vendettas. In the last few days there have been a few members giving negative points to members in threads that AREN'T EVEN OFFERING HELP...so it's kinda hard to have an unhelpful post. It doesn't matter if you LIKE the poster, or even the post --- ONLY if it's HELPFUL or NOT (when answering a QUESTION that has been posted).

ANYONE using the Helpful Answers System (or the Trader Reviews System within the Classifieds) to perpetuate a personal grudge or dislike here on AP.ca, will have their posting privileges restricted and/or terminated.

This system is to HELP people LEARN - not be used as a bullying tool!

ONLY if a member is offering POOR (unsound) advise to others would a negative rating would be acceptable.

This will serve as your ONLY warning about this - so govern yourselves accordingly!

.::AquariumPros.ca Administration::.