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    AP Equipment Reviews

    AP Reviews has expanded greatly and now has most of the equipment available to us listed, as well as food and additives.

    Heck there's even a place to rate your experiences at the LFSs sponsors and non-sponsors alike. Many are listed already but you may add a favorite store yourself.

    For everyone's benefit do not review places based on one visit or on a weeks worth of loving that new skimmer. Please review things you have had in operation for a period of time or have used for enough time to be able to evaluate it. Any helpful tips are awesome as well!

    It's quite easy to use but I will show you some things I have found.

    Here's the AP Review Section:

    Click on one of the links to types of equipment and you'll come to this page:

    At the top of the above page there a few things you can do to it easier to find a particular product. Here is a view of the bar hat gives you all the options:

    Here you can sort all the products in a number of different ways:

    Or you can click on the corresponding letter for the start of the manufacturers name for example 'E' for Euro Reef.

    Product Reviews

    To review a product simply click on it and you will be taken to this page:

    Up in that box at the top are several options including 'Post a Review':

    And you'll be taken to this page where you can post your review as easily as posting and very similar:

    It's that simple. This should help both newcomers to the hobby as well as the folks who want to upgrade or are thinking of trying a new product. If the product you would like to review is not on the page you may PM me and I will upload it for you or you can do it yourself.

    Uploading Products
    To upload products you need to look at the top of the page where you will see this:

    Click that and you will go to this page where you can select the type of equipment you would like to upload:

    Now you are on to the final step and that is uploading info. Some manufacturers are good about listing specs and pics to help you. You must upload the pics from your computer. Here is the page:

    Just click on submit and the product is ready for you to review.

    I hope you guys have some time to take and fill out the reviews on your equipment past and present, good or bad. This can come to be a very valuable tool for all of us as we try to select new equipment or want to try a new food or additive.

    AP Reviews
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    What lighting are you using? What skimmer are you using? Calcium Reactor? Calcium level: 440
    3X 250 hqi, 8X T5HO Deltec APF600 & ER RS180 Dual 6.5" Chamber Calcium Reactor
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