If you're having problems logging into, or staying logged into AP.ca - I have installed a script that will show you all the cookies set by AP.ca - so you can clear them.

This would also apply when major changes have been made to AquariumPros.ca - and we suggest that you clear your cookies to correct any problems.

If you ever need to clear the cookies set by AP.ca, visit:


It will display the full listing of cookies set so you can clear them. Place a checkmark into the boxes, and then click the [Delete My Cookies] button. You will need to log-in again once you have done this.

*If you use the SpellCheck feature on AP.ca - I suggest that you NOT clear the cookie called "vbspell_words" - as this is what keeps the words that you have added to the SpellCheck. If you clear this cookie - you will have to add the words again.