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    Exclamation Info about using the PM (Private Message) & email system

    Here are some of the new features - and an explanation of how to use them:

    * You will NOT be able to send PM's or email to other members until you have made enough *qualifying posts within the forums (*ie. comments made within the AP Classifieds, posts made within Sponsor Announcements, Reefers Pub as well as a few other sections DO NOT ADD TO YOUR POST COUNT). You CAN PM/email the Mods/Admins and Sponsors without limitation. Please be sure to read the rules about posting in the Posting Etiquette forum to make sure that you're NOT Thread Crapping or Power-Posting. Please be respectful of the rules.

    1. Multi-Quote:
      You will now see a new button at the bottom of posts =
      If you are trying to quote more then one post - click this button on each of the posts you're wanting to quote.
      Once you click this, the button will change to (notice the change to blue).
      If you decide that you don't want a specific post quoted - just click the button again, and it will change back to .
      Once you have all the posts that you want quoted selected - click on the button.
      PLEASE NOTE - the Quick-Reply feature will NOT work with the Multi-Quote.
    2. Mark Forums Read:
      If you wish to mark a forum read, you can simply click its status icon on the index page and the change will be processed without a reload. You can even mark individual sub-forums as read in the same way.

    3. Quote Tags Link to Quoted Post:
      When quoting a post, the ID of the post is automatically included with the tag. When the quoted text is viewed in a thread, a small icon links back to the quoted post.
      Originally Posted by RonPeter
      WOW it looks pretty cool!!!
    4. New Buddy/Ignore List Editor Saves:
      To make the interface even easier to use, vBulletin searches for matching users as you type their names.

    5. Private Message Preview in Notification Emails:
      If you have elected to receive emails when receiving a new private message, the email will now contain more than just the name of the user who sent you the message. The title and body of the message will be included. Any BB codes in the message will automatically be converted to an equivalent plaintext version using the new plaintext bbcode parser.

      Example output might look like this:

      Dear Mike,

      You have received a new private message at Test Forums from admin, entitled "Demo Private Message".

      This is the message that was sent:
      This is a demo private message with *bold text*.

      ---Quote (Originally by Mike)---
      Quoted text
      ---End Quote---

      1. And an
      2. ordered
      3. list


      To read the original version, respond to this message, or delete the message, you must log in here:

      All the best,
      My Demo Forums

      Message previews in thread subscription emails also include the improved plaintext representation.
    6. ‘Reason for Editing’ Available on Quick Edit:
      You may now include a reason for editing without having to click through to the full editor.

    7. Unique Unsubscribe Link in Emails:
      Thread and forum subscription emails now include a link for unsubscribing that is unique to each user. When using this link, unsubscribing from a thread or forum no longer requires logging in.
    8. New Buddy/Ignore List Editor:
      The new buddy and ignore list editor allows users to be quickly added and removed from your lists, with assistance for name suggestion along the way. If an error occurs such as a user not being found, you can simply correct the error and continue without reloading the page.

    9. Show Threads or Posts from Quick Search Popup:
      You can now choose to show search results as threads or posts without having to click through to the advanced search page.
    10. Pop Up List of Attachments in a Thread:
      The paperclip icon that denotes whether a thread contains attachments is now clickable. It will pop up a window that shows a list of all the attachments in the specified thread, including file size and number of views.

    11. Receive Private Messages from Buddies Only:
      You may now select to receive private messages only from users on your buddy list. If a non-buddy tries to send you a message, they will receive an error saying that you do not accept private messages. Administrators and moderators are automatically able to bypass this restriction.

    12. Private Messages: Quota Warning:
      Once you have reached 90% of your private message quota, you will receive a warning telling you that you have almost reached your quota.

    13. Full BCC Support in Private Messages:
      Like in an email, BCC (blind carbon-copy) allows you to hide the full list of recipients from each recipient. In previous versions of vBulletin, the “to” field acted like a BCC field. Now, the “to” field acts like the field in an email; each recipient will see all the names in the “to” field.

    I think that's it for the moment ...
    Last edited by ajx22; February 5th, 2011 at 07:42 PM. Reason: Expanded upon qualifying posts to clear up any confusion

    Set up date: N/A Over fifteen years ago Display Size: 240G Starphire Total Water In System: ~500 Do you have a sump? YES
    Do you have a refugium? YES Amount of Liverock: ~750lbs (Indo/Tonga & Fiji) Depth of Sandbed: ~6" (Caribsea Oolitic) Salinity level: 1.024
    ALK level: ~11 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0
    What lighting are you using? What skimmer are you using? Calcium Reactor? Calcium level: ~500
    x3 250W 20,000k Radium MH + x4 VHO Actinic Euro-Reef - CS12-3 AquaMedic CR5000
    Fish and Inverts: Gold Rimmed Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Vlamingi Tang, Regal Tang, Red-Sea Desjardini Tang, Copperband Butterfly, Yellow-Tail Blue Damsel, x2 True Percula, x2 Bangaii Cardinal, Six-Line Wrasse, Mandarin Dragonett, x6 Peppermint Shrimp, x2 Blood Shrimp, x2 Cleaner Shrimp, x2 RBTA, ~100 Assorted snails (Nassarius/Astrea/Cerith/Turbo/Nerite), x2 Fighting Conch, x2 Serpent Stars, x4 Brittle Stars, x2 Emerald Crabs, x2 Sexy Shrimp, Maroon Clown, Green Carpet Anemone, T. Maxima, Corals: Assorted SPS (acros, montis, porites, birdsnest, etc.), Assorted LPS (mostly Euphyllia spp., Alveopora, various brains, Elegance, Fox, plates, bubble), various softies (Leather, Zoas, Mushrooms, Ricordea, +++)
    Other Equipment: True 7-Stage 200GPD RO/DI w/Booster Pump & ATO system, Sequence ReeFlo Hammerhead return pump, Iwaki 40RXT feeding Carbon Reactor, Eheim 1060 feeding Calcium Reactor, AquaMedic OceanRunner 3500 feeding above-tank refugium, 2x96W 50/50 CF's over refugium, 2x110W VHO + 400W 20,000K MH over grow-out tank + assorted powerheads (MJ's, Seios, etc.) Other Information: System=240G Display/40G Refugium/120G Sump/110G Grow-Out tank - DIY ATS (Algae Turf Scrubber)

    When we point you to the search feature to find your answers - remember the old Chinese Proverb:
    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

    • "Many people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so." - Bertrand Russell

    • "The most uncommon thing is commonsense."

    • "In any discussion, you can educate the ill-informed, you can make some headway amongst those with commonsense; but you can’t argue with Stupid – and you’re wasting your time if you try."

    "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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