Due to some newer members recently contacting the Administration about who they should 'listen' to for advice on the site...(newbies offering not-so-good advice to other newbies ~ though with the best intentions)...we have implemented the following.
  • I have created the Respected Adviser Rating system
  • I have reset all the Respected Adviser Ratings to 0
  • For how the Respected Adviser Rating system works see below
The default Respected Adviser Rating for ALL members is 0

As members continue to help others on the site, the site Admins/Super Mods and Mods have the ability to issue Respected Adviser Rating Points to members who offer really solid, truly knowledgeable advice. Admins also have the ability to deduct points - however, this will ONLY be used under the most severe of cases.

Members do NOT have the ability to issue points - however, if you see a member who is really offering great advice - PLEASE send a PM to one of the Mods/Admins of the site with the info (Member name, link to thread) to bring it to our attention.

The order the ratings go:

0 points = has no Credibility level to report - YET
100 points = has a Good level of credibility
200 points = has a Very Good level of credibility
300 points = has a Great level of credibility
400 points = has an Amazing level of credibility
500 points = has an Unbelievable level of credibility
1000 points = has an Outstanding level of credibility
2000 points = has a Credibility level that's beyond repute

These points will show-up in the Top-Right of each members posts, right under their Post count. They will show-up as stars - increasing as their reputation grows -. Hover your mouse over the stars to see the users Respected Adviser Rating (as listed above).

We (the Admins) will be looking over recent post history to add Rep points to deserving members over the next little while...and will also be monitoring all future posts.

We hope that this will help to showcase the members on AP.ca who really know their stuff - and take the extra time to really help out the community posting help.


This is NOT something to take offense to - just something to help reward the most active and helpful members. Please don't take offense if you don't have any/many Respected Adviser Rating points. They will grow as time goes on.


The AquariumPros.ca Administration and Moderation Team