Once you start to browse through the tons of information here on AquariumPros.ca - you will start to notice that the same question is answered time and time again.

Not only does this waste space on the server - it wastes your time (either reading or posting the same thing again and again).

There is an easy way to fix this. Using the Search features of the site.

In the top Navigation Bar - you will see a Search link. When you click it - you have 2 options.
  1. Basic Search - just type in the term or terms, and click the [Go] button
  2. Advanced Search - click on the link that says 'Go to AquariumPros Search Page'. Within this advanced search - you can specify what forum(s) you want to search; if it's from a specific member; what time frame the info you get is from; etc. This is the best option to use; as YOU have more power and get much more accurate (to what YOU want) results. You will also notice an option at the bottom of the Advanced Search to "Show Results As"...TIP --- Select "Posts" and not "Threads".
This is where YOU will have to think a little on your own. Decide the most simple keywords to search for; omitting as many common words as possible. You will also have to decide whether to search all text within all posts, or just the title.

Another feature is when you're creating a new thread - you will see a [Check if already posted] button next to the new thread title box.

These features are all here to help you find the answers that you need. They are NOT to discourage posting - just to prevent delays in getting you the answers you need - and to prevent wasting time.

When you ask a question - you have to wait for members to reply. If the question(s) has already been asked/answered - you could have you answer immediately. Plus - it makes for a smaller search index on the server - resulting in the site being faster.

* - As threads age, they will automatically close (lock) themselves after 6-months of no posting activity (from the last post). If you're posting about the same issue - create a new thread about it (in the correct forum), and place a link to the previous (closed) thread.

If you are the thread starter - and would like to add something to a thread that has been closed by inactivity - please contact an Admin or Moderator to get them to re-open the thread.