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    T5 lights or cheap led's?

    been out of the hobby for a couple of years and was just wondering if changing from a 4 bulb t5 fixture to a Chinese knockoff led would be a upgrade(I can't afford the good ones atm)

    Set up date: April 2007 Display Size: 75 Total Water In System: 95g Do you have a sump? YES
    Do you have a refugium? YES Amount of Liverock: 80 Depth of Sandbed: 1/2 inch Salinity level: 1.025
    ALK level: don't test Ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 10 Nitrite: 0
    What lighting are you using? What skimmer are you using? Calcium Reactor? Calcium level: 420
    finex t5 4bulb idk no
    Fish and Inverts: nothing yet Corals: nothing yet
    Other Equipment: 3 power sweeps ro unit Other Information: so far only water sand and rock, with 3 small pieces of live rock
    75g 4 bulbcoralife t5
    20g refugem
    Jeabo skimmer
    3 power heads
    50lbs live rock

    Just starting the tank

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    Re: T5 lights or cheap led's?

    Hey Eric,
    If you plan on maintaining a REEF, then you want to make sure you have the right lighting to ensure good coral growth. Bad lighting usually promotes growth of algae. Just my 2 cents.

    Set up date: October 2005 Display Size: 120 Gallons Total Water In System: 140 gallons Do you have a sump? YES
    Do you have a refugium? NO Amount of Liverock: 40 lbs Depth of Sandbed: 2 inches - Working on eliminating my sandbed. Salinity level: 1.022
    ALK level: Not Sure Ammonia: 6 PPM Nitrate: 7 PPM Nitrite: 2 PPM
    What lighting are you using? What skimmer are you using? Calcium Reactor? Calcium level: Not sure
    T5's set of 6 H&S 120 with Aquabee punmp. No I am not using one.
    Fish and Inverts: Just have one purple damsel and a brittle star. Corals: Assorted zoos.
    Other Equipment: Zira 265 power pump. 3 Return tunzie's.

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