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You very likely will have trouble receiving any email from the server if you choose to use a Free mail provider like Yahoo/Hotmail/etc. For best results; use a real ISP provided email.

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Please ensure you keep these tank fields current as you add/remove livestock or equipment

Each field is looking for specific info, so entering a '0' or a '-' or N/A will NOT pass the systems internal tests; and it will still report as you not having all fields filled out...thus you will either get Profile Field Error Messages; or if you're just registering with bogus info; the account will simply be deleted.

If you simply enter '0' or '-' or 'N/A' or anything else into all fields simply to register; the account will be deleted. Read the questions; and give a viable reply. If you only have a freshwater tank, then state that opposed to entering bogus data. If you're planning a new set-up; entering something to that effect vs. bogus data will allow your account to remain. Livestock MUST be listed out. Don't just say fish; or even Tangs - LIST OUT ALL THE ANIMALS YOU HAVE - (ie. 2 Yellow Tangs, 1 Regal Tang, 2 O. Clowns, 1 Coral Beauty). Please - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME REGISTERING if you're not willing and able to comply with this.

Please take the few minutes to properly fill this out; and keep it updated as your stock changes.

*All accounts are manually reviewed before posting abilities are granted, and ones not in compliance with the above will simply be deleted.

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*User/Site who referred you (please be specific; and don't put "internet" or "search engine") - ie. Google search for corals

Please list your level/years of experience in keeping SALTWATER tanks. (ie. 6-months or 5-years). If you keep both 5yrs FW/6mths SW

This will be displayed in your profile for other members to view.

What type(s) of tanks do you have?

What year did you set up your tank?

What month did you setup your tank?

How many gallons is your display tank? Include LxWxH (in Inches) ie. 90Gal 48x24x18

Do you have a sump?

Do you have a refugium?

How many gallons is your system including sumps/refugiums/etc. (ie. 120G display + 40G sump would be 160G system).

Make/Model/etc. of your skimmer (NOT just Deltec - model too).

Make/Model/Details/etc. of your lighting system. NOT just VHO or MH - state # of bulbs/wattage/ballasts/kelvin of bulbs/etc.

Are you using a calcium reactor? Details if so (Details means make/model/etc. - not YES)

Your calcium level reading (ppm)

Your ALK level reading (dKH)

Your salinity level reading (SG - ie. 1.024)

Your Nitrate level reading (PPM)

Your Nitrite level reading (PPM)

Your Ammonia level reading (PPM)

How deep is the sandbed/substrate in your display tank. (inches)

How much and what type(s) of liverock do you have in your display? (ie. 40lbs Fiji, 20lbs Indo)

What fish and invertebrates do you have in your tank? YOU MUST LIST IT OUT! (ie. 2x Yellow Tangs, 1x Lawnmower Blenny, x2 Bangaii Cardinals, 5x Nassarrius snails, x2 Trochus snails, 1x Serpent Starfish)

What corals do you have in your tank? - NOT just SPS / LPS / Softies --- (LIST IT OUT). Separate items with commas.

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Aside from what has already been listed; what other equipment do you have on your tank? (ie. pumps, powerheads, RO/DI, etc.) - be specific!

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You agree not to post or transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, violate the rights of others, or otherwise violate any applicable local, provincial, national or international law. You will be responsible for, and indemnify and hold harmless AquariumPros.ca and representatives against, any claim arising from any material that you post or transmit. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (your IP is logged) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

We ask that you not directly promote other forum sites or other competitors in your posts (references/links to other forums in an effort to use as a reference to a discussion IS acceptable). AquariumPros.ca is a registered business operating as a sales/service company, and provides the Forum as a FREE service to its members - IF commercial or competitive posts are found (including references/links in signature tags), this section of the post/signature can and will be deleted by the administration of AquariumPros.ca. Please also be aware that SPONSORS are companies that pay to have the right to make commercial posts/emails/PM's. If you are not a SPONSOR - do not make commercial communications. If any member receives communication from a member who is NOT a listed Sponsor - please forward this communication to any AP.ca Moderator or Administrator immediately.

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This User Agreement and any disputes arising out of or related to the services of this web site shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the Province of Ontario. AquariumPros.ca exists for the non-commercial exchange of information. Sponsors of this site are given banner space and/or a forum to promote their business in accordance with the sponsor agreement. All other posts or signatures that are deemed to be commercial in nature are a violation of this user agreement and will be removed. As it pertains to the User Agreement, AquariumPros.ca defines "commercial post" as knowing and willful posts/communications made by private individuals or businesses, directly or indirectly seeking commerce. Additionally, posts made by individuals or businesses in regard to other commercial activities, in anticipation of direct or indirect economic benefit or relief from the subject activity, will generally be regarded as "commercial". Recognizing that it is impossible to construct a definition which will satisfy every situation or circumstance, AquariumPros.ca reserves the right to determine whether or not a post violates the "intent" of the "commercial post" policy or definition. Violation of this policy will be grounds for removal from our community. This includes SPAMMING of members via the sites email and Private Messaging systems.

Commercial users may NOT make reference to their business (signature, web links, posts, etc.) without the express consent of AquariumPros.ca.

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