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General Rules

You need to actually READ this info...please do.
--This isn't to be rude; but to ensure that you are aware of the way things run here on AP.ca; which is a little different from some other sites that you may have visited.--

  1. You MUST add in all your tank information to your Profile. Each bit of information is broken down into fields for you...please fill out ALL fields. Failure to do so; may result in removal of posts.

  2. Please ensure that you keep ALL information within your profile complete and current - this includes all tank info (ie. new purchases of livestock/equipment, etc.) as well as your email address, etc.

  3. Please read through the information contained within the "AquariumPros.ca Site Tutorial" forum & please check the "AquariumPros.ca News" forum from time to time for new site-related information. We've taken the time to put this together to help you - please spend a few minutes to review it. ***If you find yourself getting pointed back here to re-read this - it means you're not following the rules (ie. Power Posting just to be able to PM. Please take the time to READ & understand what's covered in the AP Tutorial.

  4. You may not make any commercial posts or communications, and may not spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages. If you are a commercial user - please contact the Administration prior to posting.

  5. Please keep your posts in good taste, and watch your language! AP.ca is a Family site - and members of ALL AGES are welcomed and encouraged to post. Please use some common sense about how you post...as people get offended by different things. If you're not sure if something will be taken as offensive - err on the side of caution, and DON'T post it. If you really think that it needs to be stated - please forward a PM to the site Moderators with the text/image/etc. that you plan to post - and WAIT for their input on if it would be acceptable.

  6. Discussions related to/including views on religion or politics are NOT permitted.

  7. If you are going to post to any of the forums within the AP.ca Community - please make sure that you understand that bashing or slanderous posts will NOT be tolerated. Should you have an issue with a Member - initiate contact via PM first. If you still cannot get the issue(s) resolved - please contact an Admin or Moderator of the site.

  8. Make sure that you have read and are in agreement and compliance with the full AquariumPros.ca Terms Of Use. (This listing is just a quick review of some that come-up often)

  9. Most Important --- Have phun!
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the .::AquariumPros.ca::. rules.